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"Deviant for 9 Years"
God, I feel so old now.

I think I knew dA for around a year before I joined. But my English sucked a lot then, and I didn't bother to read any texts (such as "gallery" link) and couldn't get how this website works at all. I could only see profile pages and for some reason I always liked only the third picture (back then it was always single picture from "featured" "newest" "favorite", in that order) and it wasn't enough to get me interested xD;;;;

But once, somehow, I ended on the front page. And saw this:
Red Wings by auroreblackcat

And thought that if pictures this nice can be found here it's high time to learn how to use this website.
So I did. I've made an account. I've posted my terrible pictures and tried to get into the community. And very soon I've realized everyone lied to me my whole life, when they were saying my drawings were good, gosh, what a bunch of liars.

At that point dA taught me that whatever I think of my pictures, I will never be able to see how good I am by my own judgment.

So yes, thanks to dA I've got motivated to practice, saw inspiring pictures, I got to progress.

But I think the most important thing I've got thanks to this website are people I've met.

Some time after joining I stumbled upon Polish community. Though everyone seemed very intimidating. There were some great artists that were too-good and couldn't-be-approached, and people at (most popular Polish oekaki board) were already a formed group, they had meetings, went to cons and everything about them screamed "closed group, VIPs only". Which, now that I look at it was very stupid, and only reflected my feelings not the true thing even in one bit;;;

Thankfully, I managed to get into one meet in my city, and then we made more meets with other people, more from dA, not only, some friends of friends, basically anyone would do as long as they didn't mind drawing on Saturdays and then we formed :iconmleczdaunhouse: club which I'm afraid that in it's golden age of prosperity also looked as a closed group which was very far from truth too. What I want to say here is, in this community usually the groups are only friends who are very open to new people and all it takes, is go to them and start a conversation.

Some recent pics from people from :iconmleczdaunhouse: who did very crappily back then ; D (maybe with exception for :iconmegan-uosiu: who was good since the beginning of the Earth)

..::Koi Pond::.. by Megan-Uosiu
Little Quail by Lapis-Razuri

Dusk Hunters~Slow, Love, Slow by alexis-the-angel

:PKMN: Eevee by DixFirebone

Secret Santa for arseniquez by Loreen

But back to my dA story, we had our meetings, we drew a lot of illustrations, crappy comics, got hyped over comics and games and started going to Polish cons. And since we always wanted to draw at one point we got a table just to have space to draw :'D (they were for free then). We printed some badges just to have something laying there;;;; And to our greatest surprise some people bought it and so I started to have a booth.

In 2009, after our friends' success at Japan Expo in Paris I went too with :iconred-priest-usada: and :iconmonikapalosz: and so our international conventing started. I always loved traveling, and cons enabled me independence in it. Though in 2010 because of many many problems at JE we were so pissed we decided that next year we are taking proper holidays in some nice place with no hope for refunds. And because dreaming is good we said "let's go to Japan". And somehow, by motivating each other through the whole year... we did.

Now it kinda went from my dA story to the story of my life, but well, it's pretty much how it is. dA did change a lot in my life to the point where talking about it makes it a talk about my life. I've progressed a lot, I've got some self-worth thanks to it, I realized that if I want something I should just go for it and I've met so many people who taught me a lot, who supported me and with who I've spent many many great times.

I'm still a student and I'm happy with it because I have time for travels and hobbies (like learning Japanese) so I can't share here how awesome companies I've got to work for (ok, maybe I do, I did some work for Japanese game company CyberAgent), but overall I'm happy how it changed my life, and actually how it has changed ME. I'm not scared of the future, which I don't think would be possible without it. Until dA I've always been told how hard it is in the art industry, but seeing many successful people here I think with enough of hard work and motivation it's a great career choice : )

Now some time for meaningful pictures from my gallery since I somehow ended with a very long text x___x

Kanua by anikakinka

First Kanua picture. I had many OCs before, but it's the first one that came alive here and with many encouraging words from others her story prospered ; D
My latest pic of her done a couple of months ago:

Spark by anikakinka

bw001 Dark Angel by anikakinka
This is a pic that's not very meaningful for me since it was only a bw doodle but somehow it got so popular and got stolen so many times I have to mention it here ; D

076 Strawberry Elf by anikakinka
My first Daily Deviation!

Chocolate by anikakinka

First picture of Czekolada who was supposed to be black not chocolate at first xD

Tagawee color by anikakinka

At this pic I decided to stop struggling with semirealism since anime is what I like drawing most.
It showed that I didn't like it that much. My pics were very stiff, and while my sketches before 2008 are fun to look at because "haha, crooked", 2008-2010 is simply sad to look at : |

Glaced Orange Chocolate Dipped by anikakinka

Another Czekolada picture which was also kind of a breakthrough in terms of style (and Daily Deviation!)

Water Temple 2012 by anikakinka

Renewed Water Temple. Both are very important to me in terms of doing a different composition that normally and putting a lot of effort into BG (and Daily Deviation too!)
Chocolate Extra Mint by anikakinka
And the Czekolada pic I'm using for business cards etc till now ; D

Improvement meme:
Improvement Meme by anikakinka

I really love our digital illustration community for well, being a community. We can interact with each other, motivate each other, make friends and contact our favorite artists. I've got a lot of positive things from this place, I hope you did or will too : D
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Kabuki-An Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wspaniała historia, wciąż pamiętam Twój stolik na Animatsuri 2012 :)
cieszę się, ze dostałam wtedy tą wizytówkę i mogłam Cię znaleźć na dA :P
yellowhub Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
What you wrote is very touchant ans makes me very happy
I am glad dA helped you this way and enabled you to polish your art
When i met you at JE il saw à very motivated and passionated artist and i loved it
It s good to hear that dA made you realize that you still had à way to go, the comments are for this ;)
Megan-Uosiu Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
... Po przejrzeniu jeszcze raz twojego improvement meme, muszę dodać: ...Bosh, ale my stare jesteśmy.
anikakinka Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014   Digital Artist
widzę, że masz podobne wnioski xDDDD
Megan-Uosiu Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Ach, więc dlatego dostałam komentarz pod Mleczem od ciebie... ;u;!
To ja od siebie chciałam tylko dodać, że... zróbmy spotkanie!! >w< :heart: :heart: :heart: Spotkań nigdy za wiele. <3 Albo jeszcze lepiej - pojedźmy na weekend na działkę i zróbmy sobie mleczkolonie! :hug:

Tęsknię za tamtymi czasami... ;u;! Jesteście najlepsze! <333

("maybe with exception for megan-uosiu who was good since the start of Earth"... what what WHAAAT XDDDDDD LOL.)
anikakinka Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014   Digital Artist
jak napiszę tę jechaną prace x__x poza tym pada teraz D:

no a nie kurde
outstarwalker Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
jak supczasto! Bardzo fajnie było to przeczytać i popatrzeć na Twoją historię, oby kolejne lata dały tyle samo, co poprzednie! :)
Salomea Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
To ja mam konto tylko parę miechów krócej niż Ty? xD
anikakinka Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014   Digital Artist
też stara jesteś
Salomea Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
monikapalosz Featured By Owner Edited Aug 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Awwww bejb :heart: SO QT, tyle lat!
RaisloverSakura Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What a great DA story! Thank you for sharing it with us!
It is great to see the art you started with and for telling us about your travels and hopes thus far! :heart:
I hope that your art will continue to bring you happiness and it will continue to be a great bond shared by you and your friends!
anikakinka Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014   Digital Artist
Thank you!
kajoi Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Whoa, I just noticed I've been a member on DA for 10 years...I missed it because I changed accounts, but it's still true. I've seen a few of these "deviantart stories" pop up and that made me check the date I joined. 

I also remember following you since my early days too :) there are not so many "old Deviants" left anymore though, at least most of the people I followed since the beginning have disappeared somewhere, sadly :/
anikakinka Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014   Digital Artist
oh my god, you changed accounts 6yrs ago, when all that time flew....

yeah, same for those I followed. In some cases I'm pretty sure they're busy with work in the art industry and their free time got eaten by families etc, but when I think that they may have stopped drawing it makes me kinda sad D: Anyway, hope they're fine nonetheless
RadiantGloom Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student General Artist
That's such a nice story :D
alexis-the-angel Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Professional General Artist
Mi też jak Usadzie się łezka w oku zakręciła Q_Q Tak mi się ciepło na serduchu zrobiło że wstawiłaś tu też moje bazgroliny. Zawsze tak bardzo Cię podziwiałam, i dalej Wy wszystkie w MDH jesteście moimi namber łan idolkami i uwielbiam Was za to wszystko co dałyście mi w życiu. Dev i rysowanie tak zbliżył nas do siebie, i już kilka ładnych lat (choć coraz trudniej zebrac się do kupy) jak się już zbierzemy to jakbyśmy się widywały codziennie bez przerwy. W trudnych momentach zawsze mogę na Was liczyć, a te wszystkie dobre chwile zawsze wspominam jak najserdeczniej (musimy w końcu te urodziny wyprawić boru sosnowy)
Ty Aniko jestes dla mnie takim American Polish Dream. Robisz to co kochasz i prowadzi Cię to na szczyt i uważam że to jest fantastyczne. *tuli mocno*
anikakinka Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014   Digital Artist
asdfghjkl; ♥♥♥

nawet nie wiem co powiedzieć, bo się rozpłaczę czy coś

wszystkie się nawzajem motywujemy myślę <3 I bardzo mnie cieszy, że dalej jesteśmy razem mimo tego wszystkiego i jeszcze trochę, co było po drodze, nawet jeżeli nie tak intensywnie jak kiedyś
Red-Priest-Usada Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
AZ mi się łezka ze wzruszenia zakręciła w oku. Jak to się wszystkoe pozmieniało przez te lata. Czasami tęsknię za poczatkami na devie. Człowiek był taki radosny i nie do końca świadomy swoich braków umiejętności a nawet jak wiedział, ze umiał mało to i tak rysował fandomy i czerpał z tego radość. No i  ludzie na devie byli bardziej aktywni.
anikakinka Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014   Digital Artist
ale czemu ten Sasori ma białe włosy?

(sry xD )
Onivale Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is really inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing!
atorife Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist
po prostu kocham twoje prace, cala historia, widac jak sie rozwinulas, no i teraz jak popatrze na cokolwiek co rysujesz to tylko "aaw" jakie piekne! <3
dziekuje ze nas inspirujesz <3 <3
anikakinka Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014   Digital Artist
dzięki : D

i ahhh, bardzo się cieszę, że mogę >__<♥
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